Stepping Into 2022 with Gusto

goals and wins

3 mins read

Welcome to 2022!

Well at the time of writing it’s 2021 still but who cares. I’m working on some very big things around here.

One thing that I did in 2020 that I dropped in 2021 was make a list of goals that I wanted to achieve in the new year. I reviewed that at the completion of 2021 and was pleasantly surprised that I achieved the majority of them. It was motivating to be able to say that I did it. With that said, I can’t really remember why I didn’t do it for 2021 but I can say that I sit here wishing I did.

So with all of that in mind and 2022 starting up here are my content creator goals for the year:

1. Read multiple books to become an expert in content creation

Currently, I’m reading “The YouTube Formula” and it’s changing my outlook on content creation. The motivating part about this change is that it’s not based on my personal views or experiences. It’s real actionable information from someone who knows more than me within the subject.

As a content creator there are so many books out there sharing “secrets” of various industries that it feels foolish to not absorb that information and improve my approach to my content creation “career.” So this year – 2022 – I’m going to do just that and read as many books as I can on the subject of content creation. To achieve this I’m going to deploy my next goal will keep me accountable!

2. Start a 3–5 creator “mastermind” group

Kind of like a content creator book club but with the unified desire to grow on YouTube. We’ll need to continue to challenge each other and keep everyone within the group accountable to the tasks that we set out to complete.

Why YouTube specifically? As I research more-and-more about content creation there’s an overwhelming feeling in my mind that a solid plan using an on-demand platform for growth is more significant and efficient than trying to grow in the livestreaming world. I have nothing against livestreaming content and even enjoy streaming quite a bit – but the ability to leverage a consistent algorythm draws my attention to on-demand content for consistent, reportable results.

3. Stick with “the content plan” for the entire year

One of my biggest weaknesses is my uncanny ability to convince myself that I don’t need to follow my own plans. The plan I’m building is going to benefit me. Just stick with it. Plain and simple.

4. Get in the saddle more

I absolutely love the freedom of being out on my bicycle when the weather is beautiful. In the winter time I don’t go because of my struggle with Raynaud’s syndrome but I have an indoor trainer that I can use to ride the virtual worlds of Zwift. I just need to keep on riding. A bit of physical exersion helps clear the mind and ease stress.

Cheers to a Great Year

With that all recorded and documented on the inter-webs – we step off of the couch, ride the bike, make the content, and have a successful 2022.

Share your goals with me on the bird app! Let’s kick this year off right!