Who am I?

I like helping others with tech. So much so that I'm starting my own company around it at StreamerEdu.com


I'm a professional software engineer and educational content creator.

I created a collection of software training and tools designed to help you get started, continue growing, and enhance your knowledge of the software needed for content creation.

I truly enjoy helping people with tech and I'm enthusiastically trying to be one of the nice guys on the inter-webs.

A bit about my ventures

  • Chris Honniball

    My personal online presence with all of my randomness I like to post to the inter-webs. Whether it's blogs, vlogs, bike rides, disc golf rounds, and personal opinions... this is the account that will be used.

  • Streamer Education

    My Streamer Education training and support venture. Contains free content hosted on YouTube as well as paid courses hosted on Udemy.

  • Streamerific

    My website that hosts all of my streamer tools for OBS Studio. Simply separated from my other sites for analytics purposes.

  • Honniball Productions

    My video production company that I've started with my wife. We specialize in social media marketing videos for small to medium business and real estate marketing.

  • Honniball Creative

    My company that holds all of my other "DBA" business adventures.