Initiate N00b Protocol


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What I affectionately call “n00b protocol” has begun. In other words… I’ve reset absolutely everything about myself online.

  • YouTube subscribers and views… yep, zeroed out.
  • Twitter followers… back to zero.
  • Instagram… you guessed it… zero.
  • That oh-so-important Reddit karma… reset.

I even took it up a notch and changed my usernname that represents “me.”

Why would I do this? Am I some sort of crazy person?!

The simple answer is… to learn.

Over the years I’ve changed “who I am online” a few different times. This is no fault of my own as I just use my social profiles for whatever I wanted as I grew and changed over time. I’ve been an online user for quite some time now and one thing that became very obvious to me while reading my new book “The YouTube Formula” is… “who” you are doesn’t matter to the all mighty algorithm bots we fight with on each site where we publish content.

Once you confuse the bots that are “guarding all the doors” and “holding all the keys” your online presence is basically voided out. Shadowbanned if you’d like.

These bots aren’t against you. They just are confused at who you are and who your content is for. When your online presence confuses the bots, their complex A or B, 1 or 0, black or white mind doesn’t know what users should see your content. When the bot is confused it simply doesn’t show your content nearly as often or, in some cases, at all.

Knowing this I just figured, “screw it.” I reset my online persona completely.

I’m not in some dream world where I think that all of a sudden I’m going to gain the perfect following in just a few months. I know it’s going to take a lot of work to carefully craft my ideal follower, subscriber, viewer, stalker, or whatever person I’m targeting. At the moment I’m excited to do the work and learn the tricks of the trade. I’m sure there will be ups and downs in this journey but as long as I can keep my end goal in mind, I’ll keep pushing.

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Would you reset your online presence? What’s stopping you from starting over? Am I crazy?